Andrea Tsakanikas – Changing Crew Travel and Remote lodging

Andrea Tsakanikas, a self-starter, co-founder and the President of, owes a lot to the growth of the company. is a travel management advisory firm, focusing on crew travel, lodging and logistics services across North America. Andrea Tsakanikas sees her responsibility as always seeking out upgrades to their travel management program to ensure clients are always receiving the service they have retained the company for. With many years expertise throughout the lodging and management industries in various roles, she ensures customizes their services for their many different industry type clientele across the USA. Managing these organizations’ crew lodging and travel schedule in metro areas to remote shale locales. was co-founded by Andrea Tsakanikas several years ago because she was disappointed in how corporations with mobile work forces were being overcharged for their lodging. Facilities a…

Andrea Tsakanikas – A headstrong professional for custom workforce travel management solutions

Andrea Tsakanikas –Her professional experience
Having spent several decades in consulting varieties of businesses with crews travelling out of stations, Andrea Tsakanikas is now one of the renowned and acknowledged crew travel and lodging consultants in North America. Andrea Tsakanikas helps varied organizations manage their workforce and lodging at a remote location on budget, at the same time ensuring a quality stay.
With time, Andrea Tsakanikas co-founded a travel management advisory company – with a mission and vision to help organizations seeking out simplified crew travels and logistics management solutions. Well, this surely isn’t all. Companies with mobile workforce usually run through a tight budget and tend to save on their overheads, which is justified in all senses. Facilities always overcharge and Andrea Tsakanikas has a specialized set of skills to spare you those unnecessary charges. Andrea Tsakanikas customizes and streamlines organizations’ all in-h…

Andrea Tsakanikas – Innovations to manage mobile workforce travel and lodging

Andrea Tsakanikas, the co-founder and President of, leads the organization in consistently finding innovative ways to take the company to the next level. Andrea has co-founded with an aim to help organizations with crews travelling overnight to manage and control their out of town group travel when on location. Irrespective of any business culture and project size, Crews travelling to a remote location must be provided with quality accommodations to improve their jobsite productivity. Andrea, having spent several decades in managing mobile workforce travel and lodging, begins the process by improving client travel budgets, saving on travel overhead, and estimating total “not to exceed” travel costs to ensure her client projects are profitable. Andrea Tsakanikas in collaboration with her qualified team ensures that her clients travel spend is at a minimum, while obtaining maximum productivity from the staff. is now considered as … & Andrea Tsakanikas - Customized Travel Policies

Crew travel and logistics management is a challenging endeavor and there’s no denying the fact. Scheduling, seeking out the pre-vetted facilities, adding rooms, dispatching, early check ins and late checkout management and handling any last minute changes – this whole gamut of tasks require diligence, and round the clock service to keep everything synchronized and running smoothly and efficiently. is a trusted crew travel and logistics firm, which has experienced travel coordinators and consultants on its team to handle its various operations. The company has been catering to an extensive clientele hailing from different industry verticals for several decades now. The firm is diligent enough to ensure that your team does not have to waste its valuable time in finding facilities and negotiating room rates. It provides many more services and qualified assistance to manage workforce travels and lodging, and enjoy optimal productivity in the long run.
The team
Andrea Ts… – Providing cost-effective and methodical crew travel and lodging solutions

Image is a preferred and trusted crew travels and logistics management firm in North America. The company practices end-to-end, crew and group travel and logistics management, unlike many in the industry.. If you are a company with crews travelling overnight to a remote location, contact

Andrea Tsakanikas - Smart travel and lodging management

Get in touch with for your upcoming crew travels to remote locations in the oil and gas shales. is a trusted mobile workforce and logistics management firm, with a track record of customer satisfaction throughout the industry.  The company has a client-base that hails from diverse industry verticals, such as wind, solar, oil & gas, construction, education, transportation, government and municipal entities alike.

Offering innovative crew lodging solutions for maximized savings

We all are aware of how hectic crew travel and lodging can be. Scheduling, dispatching, adding rooms, logistics, early and late check outs, last minute changes – there is a whole gamut of tasks that require dedicated efforts around the clock and certain level of expertise. CrewFaciliies has dedicated professionals to take care of all aspects of workforce travel and lodging solutions. They work diligently  to ensure that your staff doesn’t have to waste valuable time in finding hotel rooms, negotiating rates, tracking costs and people, expense reports, auditing bills invoiced by the facilities. They work directly with their client coordinators and  management to develop lodging programs per their specific requirements.  The staff at Crew facilities works to ensure that you achieve administrative efficiency, increased crew productivity, at increased profit.
Workforce travel and lodging management Crew Facilities ensures that the traveling crews are lodged closest to the job site location…